I'm going to tell you about the  Syntarsus  dinasour.  The height is 4ft the length is 7ft and the weight is 75pounds.The meaning of the name is fused tarsus.The period of life is 206 million years ago or the Early Jurassic. The Syntarsus's diet is a carnivore also the location where it lived is Zimbabwe and also the species is Kayentaketue. If you would like to know a fact about this dinasour then this dinasour sleeps on a bed of bones. A fossil fact is scientist found fossils in this dinasours bed. Now I'm going to tell you how to pronounce Syntarsus sin-TAR-sus that should really help you out. It's gindom was called Animalia.The cope is 1889 because thats when scientist found the Syntarsus fossils. The genus for the dinasour is Tcoelophysis. The superfamily is n/a. The micro is also n/a. The Syntarsus dinasours family was called Tcoelophysidae. Its sub family was called tcoelophysinea. So that was some things about the Syntarsus.

Now we will tell you some more about the Syntarsus. You may think this dinosour was a cold blooded but it's warm blooded. Another meaning for Syntarsus is fused or flat ankle. Now I'm going to tell you what Syntarsus looks like. It has a long ''S'' shaped neck. Light weight and tall legs.It also has double head crest.Its translation is a fused ankle.Its size is about 5feet and long but very light.So that was about our dinasour Syntarsus.

           I      am  going    to   tell you  where   thay   live   and    how   much  segisaurus   wha.      wha.    segisaurus  are about   3.oo  feet   and    1.oo     meters.  how    many   years   ago  thay  lived?    200,000,000     years  ago.     where    segisaurus   lived?    North  America.  What     dinosaur     class   was   segisaurus    assigned   to?  thread.

The early jurassic is different from triassic because the triassic is before the jurrasic.They are both dry.The jurrasic has the most dinos.

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