Global Labor Movement

The last social movement that I have been focusing on is the Global labor movement. This movement started in the 1960’s due to massive levels of unemployment and is still continuing today. The energizing event was the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). It is organized in that there was a global network that partnered with working people around the world. The long term changes were addressing labor law reform, file international claims for failure to respect labor provisions of trade and preferential agreements and negotiating stronger labor language in trade agreements. A lot of powerful people worked with them such as the government, rather than against them. Australia, the U.S and other big countries worked together. Some other smaller developing countries opposed the movement and were violating the organization's beliefs, such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc. They have had many positive outcomes they have a stronger say in trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement. Also they have made it so diversity and inclusion of people is more important in the workplaces.

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