Six Business Lessons Learned From the Bamboo

The greatest lesson? You do not need to be perfect. You need only be resilient.

I am always interested in drawing good analogies. Analogies can be powerful … in terms of perspective, meaning, and learning. Consider these other 5 business lessons learned from these unique perennial evergreens:

What looks weak … is actually very strong

Bend … but do not break

Be deeply rooted … yet keep your flexibility

Commit yourself … to growth & renewal

Unleash your power … to spring back

These are just five lessons from the bamboo; one could easily come up with many more.

These are not things that we do not already know, of course. Yet, the bamboo simply reminds us of what we already know but may have forgotten. Then it is up to us to put these lessons (or reminders) of resilience into daily use through persistence and practice.

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