Characteristics of a Free Enterprise

By: Scotlynn Mathews

Economic Freedom

Bakers have economic freedom by freely being able to sell their creations.

Voluntary Exchange

Markets are created through trade. People voluntarily exchange items to satisfy the requests of people's wants and needs.

Private Property

We have little government involvement and we have the right to have private property. We can do what we want with our property and it can't be taken away from us.

Profit Motive

television producers continue to produce new and better televisions as long as consumers keep valuing and spending their money on them.


Runners in track compete to win medals like companies

Runners in track compete to win medals like companies compete with each other to win more consumers and profit. Companies compete against each other.

This video shows how entrepreneurs are established and what they do for our world

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3 years ago

The video is a very good way to explain what an entrepreneur is and their role for the economy. I like how this tackk is very simple but it still gives all the information needed to understand this topic.

3 years ago

I like how you used examples such as runners competing to win medals and companies competing against each other. You showed their roles really well