Sleep Apnea
Courtney Quinn
Core 4   11.18.14

-Sleep Apnea is more severe in men than women.

-It Sleep Apnea is a common risk factor for obesity.

-Sleep Apnea is a common chronic disease in Western Society who's provalence is 2% women and 4% men

-In severe obesity cases, Sleep Apnea varies between 40 and 90%

-Sleep Apnea is due to recurrent episodes of upper airway obstruction during sleep that are caused by upper airway collapsibility during sleep.

-A variety of behavioral and surgical approaches to weight loss can benefit from Sleep Apnea

Author: Alan R. Schwartz
Published: February 2008
Link: Atsjournals.org/doi/abs/10.1513/pats.200708-137mg

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