Making a Difference!
Juli D.

" Thank you that just made my day." That's what the people in my community said when I made their day.

Our mission this week was to do something special for someone without getting anything in return, making sure they don't know it's even coming. We did this secretly because it's makes the project more fun, and not excepting anything in return. I felt great when the people I did things for said nice things.

For my secret service project, my project impacted mostly my friends and my family. To begin my mission I sent a text message to my babysitter thanking her for taking care of us that weekend. I also said that she was fun to have as a babysitter, and sorry if my brothers and I drove you crazy. Monday, I wrote to my friend and put it in her locker. The note said thanks for being a great friend. Today, we hang out a lot and we have a lot in common. next on my mission list, I did something for my little brother ( Jackson). What I did was he wanted to hang in my room, but I was making a treat for him, and I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to do this because he woke my mom up one morning, and wanted to make me pancakes for breakfast. On Wednesday, a noteto my teacher. I wrote a note because I have so much in common with my teacher. Now, I know what you are wonder do we have in common? What we have in common is that we both have the same feelings about certain things. This made e feel good because I would have never thought that I would have so much in common with a teacher. Half way through the project and to was Thursday, and I was going to be at dance until 3:45-9:00, and I had no one to do anything special for. Then I realized that I could something for my dance mates. On Thursday, we got to wear our costume to dance, and I decided to tell everyone that their costume was amazing. Friday was Halloween, and I was going treat-or-treating with a friend of mine. I'm very picky on the candy I get, so if I don't like it I usually throw it away. Since my friend was there, I gave her the candy I don't like. Last, but certainly not least was Saturday. My mom was still really tired from Halloween. She started to make dinner and, took a nap while the food was cooking. When the timer went off my mom didn't wake up, so I decided to finish cooking. I had never seen my mom so surprised before.

Finally, after this week was over, I felt amazing. This project taught me that you can make a difference in someone's life just by putting a smile on you face, and it's brightens up someone's else day. What you can take away from this project is that you can also make a difference in the people you did things for. It taught them that you should make a difference in you community.

So, what do you think about what our class did? Do you think it made a difference? Do you think if we did this to you would you feel special? Now it is you turn to do it. All up you have to do is put a smile on your face and guess what they probably will smile to. It only takes a 1 minute. Come on it's your turn.

This is when I made my teacher's day

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