Clara's Journal

Who Are You?

My name is Clara and I was raised in Minnesota. I come from a poor family so I often posed as a boy so I could do jobs to help my Father, Mother, and little sister. I joined the Union army as a boy and am a private. I wanted to help the Union in the battles as much as I can for I am strictly against slavery.

Civil War Slang Dialogue

  • Guy 1: Hey, Guy 2, I’m hungry. Lets eat some fresh fish.
  • Guy 2: Dude, that’s nasty! Cannibalism is wrong, man!
  • Guy 1: No, you goober! I wasn’t talkin’ ‘bout that! You have no horse sense!
  • Guy 2: Ok! Lets fill up them bread baskets! Let me go catch that possum!
  • Guy 1: And you yell at me about cannibalism!
  • Guy 2: Don’t make me get out my Arkansas toothpick!
  • Guy 1: Fine. I think I saw some skunks around that we could shoot.
  • Guy 2: You can’t shoot our officers.
  • Guy 1: You kid glove boy! Here’s a regular fish, and not one of the privates. (They cook and share the fish)
  • Guy 2: Oh man. My breadbasket isn’t feeling too good!
  • Guy 1: Better quick-step down to the outhouse!
  • Guy 2: (Runs away, makes obscene noises from inside the bathroom. Walks out) Ahhhh, that’s better. I feel as fit as a fiddle!
  • Guy 1: You Toed the mark alright! Now the bathroom smells worse than a skunk!
  • Guy 2: Skunk? You mean officer…
  • Guy 1: NO!

Letter Home

Dear Mother and Father,

Camp life is horrible. All we do are drills and all of us are terrible. When we do have a break from the drills, we get assigned chores that we are forced to do. One especially bad chore was guard duty, where we soldiers walk around camp with our guns making sure the Confederates don't come too close to our camp. If someone doesn't work and leaves the camp without permission, they get punished with something like a barrel shirt, which is when they walk around camp wearing a barrel. When someone is disrespectful to our officers, the get a punishment called bucking and gagging. That is when you get tied in an uncomfortable position on the ground and gagged. I miss home terribly.

Photo Prompt: Color

The blue sky is how it looks like from our camp during the days it's not raining. All of us admire it from our camps. I'm surprised that the sky can look so beautiful even though a terrible war is going on right now.

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Interview With Jeremiah Handley

Interview question 1

Jeremiah, when you chose to _enlist close to home and fight for the union__,
what caused you to make that choice?

I chose to fight for the Union because I felt that the slaves situation was really bad. They were all treated badly by their owners and that is why they ran away. I want to make their bad situation better.

Interview question 2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

I'm proud that I was able to take care of my mother and run the farm successfully even though I needed some help.

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish that my brother James didn't join the Confederacy. I don't like the idea that I have to fight against my own brother.

Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")

Jeremiah, __did you ever find out what happened to your brother____?

Ask a question that makes Jeremiah talk about one of the issues brought

up at the end of the story you chose to create.

I never found out where my brother was even after the end of the war. I looked for him but I found no traces whatsoever. I hope that he survived the war but I don't have any proof of that.

Photo Prompt- Morning

This is how our tents look like after we woke up and made our beds. The sleeping conditions are terrible here! We all get cramped up in those tiny tents!

Bass, Jeffrey. "Union Tents." Flickr. Flickr, n.d. Web. 22 Apr. 2014.

Marching Song

We are marching to the battle

We will win no matter what

We will beat the rebels

Shouting hurrah

We will win

We will win

We are replying to the call

Replacing the ones gone down

We will win

We will win

Fighting for what we believe in

Beating the rebels down

Giving a cry of battle

We will win

We will win

We have seen our fellow soldiers,

going down while in war

Our courage won't disappear

We will win

We will win

Camp life

Camp life is so boring. The thing I like to do best is to read the newspapers. I really like finding out what is happening at home. Other things we do at camp are play chess and sing songs at the campfire. All we gt to eat is a mixture called "baled hay", bland cakes that contain roots, stalks, and leaves. Another horrible food is called hardtack, a half-inch thick biscuit which almost always contains worms and weevils living in it. I don't really have a favorite food. All the foods that we get to eat are rotten or contain bugs. I really hate what we are forced to eat.

Photo Prompt: Fun

For fun, I read the newspaper to find out everything that is happening in my hometown. I like to keep track of what happens outside of fighting. I would want to find out as much as possible about life outside of our army camps.

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Civil War Injuries and Illnesses

Our soldiers all received many injuries and illnesses. Some of the diseases were measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Also mosquitoes, lice, and fleas infested the army camps. Draw out sickness by making patients sweat or bleed. Infected mosquitoes caused our soldiers to be infected with Malaria. Our doctors were practically crazy. To cure Pneumonia, they rubbed burning alcohol on the sick patients chest, put hot bricks on their feet and cut their wrists. When someone had an upset stomach, the doctors had us wear flannel body bandages and something they invented called a stomach belt. What the doctors made the sick patients drink were blackberry juice, cherry juice, and whiskey. Whenever a soldier was injured in battle, they had to wait for hours to be looked at by the doctor. I'm surprised that they didn't die from pain. To get the bullets out the doctors just dig their fingers into the wounds of the soldier instead of using the tools they are given. It's terribly unhygienic and painful, so I've heard. I'm glad I haven't gotten injured yet!

Photo Prompt: Battle

This is how the terrible battles we participate in look like. Many of our soldiers got injured or killed but the Confederate soldiers had the same thing happen to them.

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Collaborative, 2 Apr. 2012. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.


Going Home

It is so great to go home. I got to go back to my family because my 3 year enlistment has finally ended. Even though it felt great to help my country, I am glad to be able to return to my Father, Mother, and little sister. I feel like I barely know my sister anymore. When I left, she was eight but now she's already eleven. My parents have also aged greatly event though it has only been three years. The stress of work and our civil war has been the cause of that. Even though our American Civil War is still going, I have decided not to reenlist. I am now finally going back to the life of a girl, leaving behind my life as a Union soldier.

Photo Prompt: Home

This is where I grew up in. After I left, my family continued to live here. I'm glad that our house hasn't been destroyed during the war.

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