Kyler Hennen S&E Marketing Final

Topic 1
Evaluate a Movie Poster

This movie poster of the movie "42" shows Jackie Robinson getting off a bus surrounded by white males and appears to be in the era of the late 40's early 50's. The fact the there is only one African American in a group of white people in this image can tell the audience that this movie must have something to do with segregation and civil rights in that time period. This poster is also very attention grabbing with the contrast of dark to light colors. They used large bold text in this poster as well. And the image of Jackie in the middle of all those white people who seem to be ignoring him could seem shocking because many people know how bad black people were segregated against in those times. this interesting scene of the movie shown has already been qualified to grab the readers attention. And once the poster has reached that, it has made people want to see the movie, which is the main goal of the poster.

Topic 2
Evaluate a Movie Trailer

This trailer used clips of the first 1/4 or 1/3 of the movie, but only the ones that setup the meat of the movie. After viewing the clips of this trailer, the target audience of this movie seems to be people who don't mind laughing really hard, or people who have a really good sense of humor. People who don't have these traits, however, might not be wanting to see this movie as much. This trailer seemed to outline the basic parts of the movie by showing the grandpa going around causing trouble with his grandson. The climax of the movie wasn't as clear to me in this trailer because there were so many scenes that could have been it. But just guessing, I would say that when the young boy enters the beauty pagent would be the climax right before the movie ends. All of the clips of the movie used in this trailer all had a humorous feeling to them, so I would assume that is the feeling you get from this movie. If you are looking for a good laugh and a great time at the movies, this would the movie to see.

Topic 3
Top 3 Marketing Strategies For Movie Distributers

The top three marketing strategies that I believe how most movie marketers make their money are as follows: DVD/ Blu-Ray sales, digital streaming like netflix, and sales to rental services like redbox.

I think that DVD/Blu-Ray sales would be a great way for movie marketers to make money because the distributer usually buys the rights to create and sell the DVD's and Blu-Rays to stores, then pays the studio a cut of the profits from each sale. since a lot of people buy DVDs and Blu-Rays once the movie comes out, this would benefit the marketers buy earning lots of money.

I think that Netflix streaming would benefit movie marketers because since so many people are on Netflix streaming, and the marketers get a one-time fee from the studio, people will be demanding for more movies. so for each movie they put on, the viewers will watch, so it will increase sales profit for the marketers.

Finally, I think that Redbox would increase sales on movies because they always have the latest movies on it, so many people go to Redbox. also it's usually by mcdonalds which is one of America's favorite places to eat, so more people will be exposed to Rebox which makes movie marketers have a higher chance of making a big profit.

Topic 4

How Movies Are Getting to People Now And What Movie Marketers Should Do

Some of the changes that have been done to movies are that people can now stream them online through Netflix and other streaming sites. The movie distributers only get a one-time profit cut for putting their movie on these. So, once the movie gets put on the streaming site, the movie distributers cannot keep getting paid for the movie, and the public gets to watch these movies for a one-time payment. Granted that the customers don't really get the latest movies on Netflix and other sites, but still, the movie distributers don't make as much as they could on doing this, because not all movies are going to be allowed on there if no one views them. What they should do is have a monthly payment plan for each customer instead of a one-time payment deal. This way, the customers could view the latest movies and the movie distributers can make a better profit on their movies.

Topic 5
Most Important Things Artists Should Consider Going Independently

When artists don't want to be tied in a bad contract with a huge record label, they will try to make it on their own. Now this is a very hard thing to do because record labels have the amount of money to get your name out to the public and do recordings and videos and all that jazz. So, when you start out by yourself, you're probably not going to have a whole ton of money to help promote your band. Say you have the equipment to record an album, so you do. It is also very hard to get your album out to the public because you can't afford to make millions of copies and sell them to stores like the record labels. What artists should consider doing is first of all put your album on an online site where the pubic can view/hear it. Like band camp for example; they have it set up to where the customers can pay whatever they want for the album, which helps get the bands name known because of how generous that is. next, they should make social networking pages where they can communicate/ inform the fans about upcoming concerts and other things. finally, they should have a concert where the fans can go to then tell there friends and so on and so forth. That way, the band will become known and the fan base can just keep growing and growing.

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