bully week

scenario 1

If i was part of this group of friends i would tell them to stop or stand up for that person because bullying is not right some people commit suicide because of bulling.Also i would tell them to tell an adult so the bulling will stop.then if the teacher doesn't do anything about it i will take it to the principle or tell the policeman or tell a close by grown up.Also i would tell them to stop bulling Chris and if they don't i will stand up for him. Also i would not be in that group if they bully people.I feel like bullying is wrong . I think people just bully because they have something going on in their life and have no one else to take it out on but  people who have never bothered them before.Also i feel like we need to put a stop to bullying . People just don't know how much words can actually hurt you.They say their fine but their not. That's  just their way of trying to say their strong.But on the inside they want to cry or try to kill themselves.this is why we need to put a stop to BULLYING OTHER PEOPLE.

Scenario 2

If me and my friends saw the bullying and didn't do anything about it then the message it would send to the bully is that we think its funny and that it's okay to bully when its not.The things that me and my friends can do to socially react is to stand up for the person that's getting bullied . We would have to be the person to tell the bully to stop.Another thing we could do is tell an adult whats going on.if me and my friends chose to stand up for our classmate i think we would stop bullying at our school or more people would stop doing it because they would see us standing up be the person and maybe they would do the same if they see some one getting bullied . The message  communicated is that they need to stop what their doing because it's not funny or a cool thing to do. Another message is if they have problems going on at home they don't need to take it out on intestine people.