Magna Carta Exploration
Rayquan Harris

1. This section outlines that the Church will be free, exercising all its rights and liberties without interruption. It also points to the later ideas and says they will stand for generations to come. This relates to our modern freedom of religion, we are able to choose what we believe in, and attend a church in response to that choice.

39. This section is saying that no free man will be imprizoned, striped of rights, or exiled/forced upon heavily, but can be punished by law of the land. In today's government we are all "innocent until proven guilty" and i believe this section relates to that principle in modern government.

40. This section is sauing that they will not delay rights or justice to any of the citizens. This relates to one of our amendments that gives us the right to a fair trial.

41. Citizens may leave or enter as they please, and travil within England, unless they are at war in which others from the enemy cannot come to the country. This idea holds exactly true today, we are able to travel as we please, but we do have the same ramifiicaitions on war situations.

42. Any man should be able to leace and return without fear and har, and still have loyalty to England; but this does not apply to times of war. This relates to #41 and the same relation to the American government. We can leave and return back, but stay loyal to the country, except we may not be able to return in the middle of a war.

60. All these rules and freedoms will be exercised in the kingdom. This is like our Bill of Rights, telling us our rights on what we have the right to and showing us that we have the opportunity to exercise these rights, but follow law.

63. They have agreed that the document shall be honored and have identified a date as a sort of anniversary. This is like our Constitution, and our 4th of July.

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