Email Etiquette

Gladys Martinez

~Email Etiquette is important because, we interact with people more and more with written words all the time, also because without immediate feedback from the reader, it's easy to be misunderstood.
Elements of Email Etiquette:
~ Basics, Tone, Attachments, Complaints, Good topics for an email, Bad topics for an email.

~Always include your full name, check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors before sending.
~Have a positive tone, appropriate emotions, "NO BAD LANGUAGE", also avoid negative words.

~Include a greeting when sending a email.
~Don't send jokes or games, and no chain letters.
~Don't attach files that are unnecessary.
~Don't text-speak.
~Do not copy a message or attach without permission.
~Always have manner with everyone.
~Be careful when you format.

~"CUPS" always matter. (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, and Spelling.)

~ If you are emailing a teacher, have a greeting, have manners, have you name so she/he knows who's the student she/he is talking to. If you are doing an assignment give background information.

~ You should email a teacher when you have a question that can be answered easy. You can email a teacher when you have an assignment done and it can be submitted by via email.

~ Some rules that you should follow are: Do not try to email an assignment if your teacher hasn't told you to. If you have an extension for an assignment do it in person. If you really don't understand talk to the teacher or the one in charge face to face.

Will you follow the right path or the bad path?

Email Etiquette

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