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Welcome to my website! In this website I will talk about myself, my hobbies, my family and my favorite food. I will add entertaining videos, games, and comics so you don't get bored. I hope you enjoy my website!

My name is Kayla Akly. I have short, dark brown hair and dark eyes. My eyelashes are really long and that is what people notice first on me. In my family there are four members (not including my grandparents, cousins, and uncles ). The four members in my family are: my brother, my mom, my dad, and me. We have a lot of fun together and help each other out. I really love my family!

My favorite sport is tennis. I practice everyday and travel to different places to play. My favorite tennis players are Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova. I really enjoy this sport! Rafael Nadal has won many important championships and is known as the wall because he gets to every ball, even if it is impossible. Nadal has a ranking of being the 2nd best men tennis player worldwide, and he was born in Spain. Sharapova is Russian and has a ranking of being 3rd best women tennis player worldwide. She has a beautiful technique and every girl wants to be like her.

I definitely love ice cream! I love each and every flavor in the world. On really hot days, all I want is a delicious cold ice cream. My favorite ice cream flavors are Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla. My favorite ice cream brand is Haagen Dazs, I eat it every time I travel. My favorite dazzler there, is either the Banana Split or the Dulce Split.

My favorite animals are dogs. Dogs are really cute, playable, and mischievous. I don't have a dog, but I would really want to! Puppies are really cute. My favorite breed is the German Shepherd. my second favorite breed is the Golden Retriever.  

My favorite game is Minecraft. I love being able to build houses and buildings, and mine for minerals. This game is really fun and many kids play it. In this game, you can play survival mode, or creative mode. In creative you have to build beautiful houses and buildings. In survival, you have to survive alone in a world with zombies at night. You can play with your friends together and have fun. You should play it!

My favorite song is All Of Me by John Legend. This song is slow and has beautiful lyrics. It is a sad song but has a beautiful rhythm. Once you listen to this song, you will never stop singing it. It was one of the most downloaded songs . you should listen to it too!

My favorite movie of all times is the Parent Trap. This movie is very funny and interesting to watch. This movie is really old, it was published in 1998. This movie has really unique ideas. It is a wonderful story where two twins separated at birth reunite and try their best to reunite their divorced parents. I suggest you watch it!

Lastly, my favorite funny video is Charlie Bit My Finger. This video is really funny. The little baby bites his brother's finger. What makes this video funny is the baby's laugh, but most of all the boy's British accent. I can't stop laughing once I watch this video. If you watch it, you will burst laughing and won't stop

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