Act III, Mercutio

Act III, Mercutio, Adam Kim, P3. Today I was walking around with Benvolio and Romeo in the street and suddenly angry Tybalt has come to us and tried to duel Romeo. Is Tybalt a mad dog? Why does he keep chasing us and try to duel Romeo? I know that if Romeo fights with Tybalt, Romeo will die. Romeo pleads like a little girl. Couldn’t stand his whining so I stepped in. I must say, I initially had him. I saw some opportunities and I saw his eyes shudder when that mad dog realized he was losing. But ah! I slipped and I stumbled. Could it be fate? No. Even now fate is a fool’s explanation for what cannot be explained. It was my own carelessness and that snake caught it. I got stabbed I don’t know the story, but even as I was dying I felt sorry to Romeo. That poor little boy. Funny as it is, I am in the heaven, and I have heard from the angels just welcome that snake into heaven. What irony. Heaven is so gracious they welcome that rabid dog into the pearly gates. I was so happy that Romeo could protect himself from Tybalt. illing Sadly, because of Tybalt I heard that Romeo got banished from Verona and he cannot see his love Romeo again. I hope my dear friend Romeo overcomes it. Bye my friend Romeo! Have good life finding another woman in Montua.

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2 years ago

Benvolio : O, my friend Mercutio. I had to stop you. Why did you fought him? You told me how strong Tybalt is. How can you start that rash duel even you know you will lose? After you death, inflamed Romeo killed Tybalt and he is now exiled. My two good friends are gone in a single day…