Insurgency in the North Caucasus

The Second Chechen War began in 1999 in retaliation to the invasion of Dagestan by the newly independent Chechnya. With the new leadership Russia was able to make  swift and deadly attack. Vladimir Putin was fierce and brutal leader leaving the Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov without a chance. In the first three years near fifteen thousand Chechen militants have died compared to the near five thousand Russians that dies in the  entire war. The end of the war resulted in an easy Russian victory and the establishment of Russian government in Chechnya.

The Caucasus residents were resilient and against the Russian leadership. This caused insurgency in the region focusing on Chechnya. Instead of fighting the powerful Russian army the Imsurgents fought against their own country. Their war became terrorism killing their own people in hopes to liberate them. The face of the terrorist groups became Doku Umarov. Umarov is an Islamist Chechen separatists warlord who is behind numerous attacks in Russia. He has been on the most wanted lost for years in both Chechnya and Russia for his crimes. The man was elusive but early last year he was finally killed and his death was supposed to end the insurgent violence.

Unfortunately the attacks did not cease in Chechnya with the death of Doku Umarov. In October of 2014 there was a suicide bombing in the capital of Chechnya Grozny. The attack was on the a Press house building of a local media agency. The building seen above is now in ruins. The people responsible were found and a shoutout ensued. The nine Islamist militants were killed along with ten Chechen police. This attack showed that the militants are not ready to surrender and that Doku Umarov's replacement has support. This fighting in this region has been raging for centuries since Russia first invaded. Due to the ethnic tensions there's does not seem to be an end arriving anytime soon.

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