Agents of Socialization


Back in the day
My sisters and I stay killing the game

The biggest part of my childhood and my up bringing was my sisters and I'm very thankful that they still they teach me so much. They taught me how to crawl and walk, which I use everyday so shout out to them. They taught me how to share and taught me how talk, which I use everyday so again shout out to Stephanie and Kimberly. I owe my whole up bringing to them because my mom was away a lot for work and they were always with me. They continue to teach about things about the adult world and college which prepares me for what is coming up.

Agents of Socialization
Peer Groups

Before junior year football started
Great seeing my brother play. He'll do big things
Thanks to sports I lost weight and learned about haircuts.


I did no sports from 2nd grade to freshman and the pounds really added on. My boobs were probably bigger than half of the girls in my grade right now. I picked up football freshman year at Canal Winchester and it led me to so many new people that I never spoken to. I moved to Gahanna Sophomore year and continued football which introduced me to new people and in turn they introduced me to their friends. I decided to run track Sophomore year and it was a great idea. I made varsity my first year and during track meets I made many more friends from other schools.

Agents of Socialization

Taking the bus for 10 years showed me that being on time is important and if you cant meet times the bus will leave you. My parents are very serious about school and they expect me to take it very serious so education is important to me. I strive to get all A's in my classes to make my parents proud. I put school before anything else in my schedule. Participating in class is also important because you're applying yourself to the material and communicating with other kids at the same time and making friends. Now Bill Nye was my dude. He got me through Elementary and Middle school science. I owe him everything.

Agents of Socialization
Mass Media

Flew to the hills for lunch to meet with bae
Iggy and I at the club last night

Every moment I have i put in my headphones and listen to music. Music has an impact on you no matter who you are or your background. My go to artists are always either ColdPlay or Two Door Cinema Club. I've met Iggy and Selena Gomez. I went to lunch with Selena and we had a splendid time. Then I met Iggy on a night out around the time and she turned to be a great dancer. Overall, Selena was nicer, friendlier, and more compassionate. Iggy was a little ruder but she knew how to throw it back, which was nice. They taught me how to socialize with celebrities even though they are the same as you and me.

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