#trevizoeoy5 essay

The world needs good people because with a lot of good people we could have peace. Also there wouldn't be a lot of tragedies. With all the bad people we have, there is so much violence and drugs.

If the world had many good people there would be peace. Like Korea, they hate the U.S, if they weren't bad then we wouldn't have all this chaos happening. Also, there are people who have cancer, aids, etc. There are cures but they decide not to release the cures because they want people to pay for their sickness. In this movie called "Dallas Buyers Club" there's this man that is diagnosed with aids. They tell him he would only live for 3 months. He stopped taking the medication they gave him and started taking other from other countries that weren't legal and he lived for more than a year. They just want to get rid of people because we're over populating. If they were good, many people wouldn't die.

Violence, it wouldn't happen if people were better. Like some cops that shot or kill innocent. For example, in Mexico there are many cops that are involved with the Cartels or other bad people. They themselves assassinate you or put drugs in your car. If there was good people, we wouldn't have others killing each other for money, business, or just for fun. Even people who are supposed to be protecting us aren't doing it.

Other people think other wise, they believe that bad people are good for the world. They think it's good because they get to hack into people's personal stuff. It benefits them in so many ways. It benefits them with hacking, money, etc. It doesn't benefit the good people though.

The world needs good people for many reasons. Such as the reasons that we need peace and less violence. You need good people who give off only good vibes. All the negativity needs to be left out. It should just be ignored.