Who is Condorito?... is a thief, superhero, priest, policeman, teacher, homeless, and more, more, more... Condorito is a Chilean humor comic character that represent a lot of different Chilean characteristics.

He is always joking, and you can see that in his thousands comics books. In the next picture you can see a front cover of one book, here Condorito says "Respect the crosswalk, stupids!"

Front cover of one of the thousands of Condorito books.

But, how starts the history of Condorito?... his creator, Pepo, saw a Disney movie in that an airplane was trying to cross The Andes from Chile to Argentina. Pepo feels angry because Chile was repesented in poor manner, so he decides to create a more representative character.

Condorito lives in Pelotillehue, a fictional city in Chile. His adventures are always accomplished with his friends: his nephew Coné, the terrible mother in law Tremebunda, his beautiful girlfriend Yayita, and many others, but we can't forget his loyal pet Washington, the dog.

You can find some Condorito comics in english... Here are few examples:

You can visit the oficial web page of Condorito here

And don't forget, Condorito has a message for you!...