By: Riley & Thomas


A fever is a illness that s made out of a lot of bacteria and viruses. The fever also tells your parents when your sick.


You should feel cold {even if you have tons of  blankets covering you.} You should also feel sick.

* Some times you might have a headache

*Some times you also might have a stomachache


When the bacteria and viruses get into your body. Also when your hypothalamus raises your body temperature .  Some times germs can cause fevers


These two medicines: acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Or you can drink enough liquid and wait around twenty-four hours at least {One day at least.} When your hypothalamus lowers your body temperature when the bacteria and viruses go away.


Keeping your body clean with no germs, {like washing your hands, don't drink out of cups that someone else but there lips on before washing, and shower with soap and more.} Also by keeping your hands out of your mouth. Wash your hands after you touched something alot of other things touched.