Two deaths haunt two familys

A love so big they die for each other. A family feud caused them to be where they are now. They wanted to marry but their family's had a feud between each other that was so bad that the two family's couldn't be in the same room. So the daughter of the Capulet family that was madly in love with one of the Montague's named Romeo, had gone to someone for a plan. The plan was to give her a position to make her fall into a deep sleep and her heart beat slow way down so that her family would think she was dead. But things turned for the worse.

Romeo had no clue that this was going on so he to thought she had died. And the only solution for this was for him to die to. So he drank a poison and died. Later on Juliet had awoken. And was very confused and hurt/sad. After finding out what had happened she could no longer live. So she went to drink the poison and found out that there wasn't any left. But  she had found a knife close by and killed herself.

Later the family's had seen how in love Romeo and Juliet was. There deaths had caused the family's feud to finally to come clean. But that still didn't help the fact that they had died for the love of each other.

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