Japansk språkkurs i Oslo

Want to learn Japanese?  Like to improve your Japanese?

FREE Japanese lessons for Intermediate & Advanced levels, Autum 2012

Lessons are focused on speaking and vocabulary acquisition. You will improve your fluency and maximize your ability to use the Japanese you know. Based on your interests and motivation, you will choose one or two of learning materials (reading, listening or composition). It will be designed to suit your level, purpose and pace. Level check and discuss plans at first meeting. Autumn Session is from September to November.


- Able to read and write hiragana / katakana / Basic Kanji as well as basic grammar with simple conversation. (finished Genki 2 / JLPT N3 level)

Time : weekdays/weekends (once a week)  Place: Oslo   Price : FREE!!!

If you are interested in FREE JAPANESE LESSONS, please contact to japanskkurs.i.oslo@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!

*For new beginners, upon request.(Private/small group lessons)

Time : weekdays/weekends (1-3 times a week) Place: Oslo Price : 100kr/150kr/200kr

If you are interested in JAPANESE LESSONS,             please contact me!

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