Ham and Cheese Sandwich

By: Sydney Scholl


Hello I’m Sydney Scholl I am backing the basic Ham and Cheese sandwich. Some of the history from the ham and sandwich that it’s an American food. The region it was first created in was the United States. As recalled by ballpark concessions Harry Stevens in a 1924 interview, in 1894 ham and cheese sandwiches were the only food sold in New York baseball parks; frankfurters were introduced fifteen years later. It’s more of a lower class food because it’s easy to make. A ham and cheese sandwich is an everyday food like for an after school snack or something to eat for lunch.  

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ham_and_cheese_sandwich

Liste d'ingredients et d'ustensiles

  • 1) Deux Cuillerée a soupe le beurre
  • 2) Deux cuillerée a soupe farine
  • 3) Une tasse de lait
  • 4) Quatre le pain
  • 5) Quatre tranche le jambon
  • 6) Une cuillerée a soupe fondu le beurre
  • 7) Deux cuillères a cafe ciboulette hachee

"How to"

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Sydney! Je fais Croque Monsieur

  • D’abord j’achète le jambon, le beurre, le pain, la lait, farine, ciboulette hachee, et je fonds  le beurre.
  • J'ai deux tranches de pain
  • Tu veux quatre tranches du jambon
  • Je mets deux tranches de fromage sur le jambon
  • Je mange sandwich jambon-fromage


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