MMA Fighting

Job Description

Go head to fist in a all out brawl in the middle of a ring. When you're not getting kicked in the teeth, you train to be better.

Educational Requirements

None. if you can breathe,you can fight. But you can take lessons from "Tony Baker's Taekwondo and pizza." in Pensacola, Florida.

Additional Requirements

- Ability to take and dish-out punches, kicks, throws, and submission holds.

- Backgrounds and experience in multiple Marital Arts. Its called MMA for a reason.

- Quick thinking under pressure.

- Respect for your opponent.

- Take salt in the eyes

Salary/ Pay

UFC: $64,833.33

MMA: $62,900


You get to beat the living crap out of someone... For Money. Plus, major health, Dental, and life insurance. Win - Win!

Why M DMA?

I have been fighting and training for 90% of my life. Either I was fighting for myself, my family,or for Warren.(<shameless cameo is shameless). Its Something that I am good at and would really enjoy doing for a living.

Similar Careers



- MMA Trainer

- Shoot Fighter (yes, it is an actual thing)

- "Krav Maga" expert

Fair Warnings

If you do decide to become a MMA fighter, be aware that you can be injured or killed in combat.

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