Agent Darks Adventure

By Art

On the Weekend agent Dark went to the secret headquarters. it was a 1 hour trip.

Agent Dark statistics

Name unknown.

Age unknown.

Favourite food unknown.

Agency Unknown.

When he got to the place he looked at YouTube. vids on how to play Minecraft. And he made a comment: Unknown said WOW I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO BREAK DIRT YAY!!!!><><><><><><><>And then he looked at how to play tag Comments: unknown said SO THAT’S HOW YOU PLAY YOU MOVE YOUR RIGHT LEG AND YOU LEFT ARM THEN YOU DO THE SOME WITH THE OTHER ARM AND OTHER LEG YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!

He had such a great time and learned many things wow so that’s the end of the story yayayayyay.><><><><<><><><<><><><><><><><><><><><><

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