About me

The one on the left in the pink dress is me and this photo was made last year in 2014 on holiday in poland. In the photo there is my Mum Malgosia , sister Sarah (the little one), my sister Natalia @nataliaroserom ( This photo was made by my auntie @aleksandrawzorek )

Best Friend: Brooke

Relationship status: single

Favourite Emoji: the one with a stuck out tounge

Emoji that describes me best: the smiley one

Favourite Food: spaghetti

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Movie: The book thief

Favourite album/Artist: Adel , Meghan Trainor , Talor Swift and Emily Sandey

Favourite Sports team: Poland

Favourite Animal: Koala

Favourite Book: Demon Dentist

Favourite Youtube Video: Towards The Sun