The Little Rover That Could

Planet Peanut

The Peanut Crusher Rover has just arrived on Planet Peanut. What PC Rover sees through his eyes is a yellow planet with small yellowish-tan rocks everywhere. So far, there is no sign of life on this planet probably because it is so close to the sun, it is very hot on this planet. For PC Rover to get around the planet, he will need tires that are off road and durable to go across all of the small rocks while searching the planet. PC will also need a camera so NASA can see what he is seeing through his eyes. One modification that PC Rover will need during this trip is that his tires will possibly need to be changed ever so often because all the small rocks are making marks and indents in his tires so much. Some samples that PC Rover would pick up would be dust from crushed rocks or just dust because that's what lies on this planet. He would also pick up small, tiny rocks. When examining the samples, Rover would find out that the small rocks are the size and color of peanuts which is why the name of the planet is called Planet Peanut. Also, Rover would see that the dust is not just made up from the planet but it has also been crushed not form his tired but from an organism stepping on it and turning it into dust. The scientists can then conclude that there are possible organisms or creatures that are living on this planet and that Planet Peanut's features resemble it's name.

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