My Holidays

Micah's Term 2 Holidays

Week 1

In the first week of my holidays I had my birthday party, I went to my grandparents house and I had my birthday.

At my sleepover party we watched movies, ate tacos and mucked around. We had heaps of fun and I got some very good presents. I got lot's of chocolate, some glowsticks, a remote control car, a beach football, a Nerf gun, glow bullets for the Nerf gun and $50.20 in total money.

On Tuesday 2nd of July dad, Jesse and I drove to our grandparents house. We had meat pies for lunch, which were very nice, and we had to stop several times to fix the ropes on the trailer.

The next day was Grandpa's birthday. I had two naps in the afternoon because I was sick. Because I was asleep I missed out on a chinese dinner (not that I really felt like anything to eat) but I ate some rice crackers. It was lucky that I woke up because I got an early birthday present from my cousins. I got two new, cool jumpers.

On my birthday (5th July) I got some fantastic presents. I got a book, a head lamp, a compass, some more moneyand a Kindle. when we got back home i also got a new bedroom with a new rug, a new beanbag, and a new lamp. My birthday was fantastic

Week 2

On the second week of my holidays I went to a CYC camp on Phillip Island and it was 'Army' themed. I went on the giant swing four times, each time up to the top. I also went on the single flying fox, played basketball and we played dodgball nearly everyday.

One day we had to do an obstical course. On the course we had to crawl through baked beans and spaghetti, run through mustard and tomato sauce, crawl through a tunnel of jelly and run through people who are throwing water and flour at you. After doing this twice we got hosed down by freezing, cold water and then we had a mud fight. During the mud fight I got a blood nose which was good in a way, because I got to go into the shower without having to wait! We did heaps of other fun activities and we had some great food. This camp ROCKED!!!!!

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