The Solar System

The Sun

Location: The center if our Solar System.

Color: It is a common misconception that the Sun is yellow, or orange or even red. However, the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white.

Size: The Sun is 875,000 miles across

Solid or Gas: The Sun is Burning Gas

Shape:a Sphere

Temperature: The Sun has a temperature ranging from 6,000° Celsius at its surface and

it  is around 15,000,000° Celsius in its center

Density:The mass of the sun is thus 1.99 × 1030 kg

Moons or Rings: the sun has no moons or rings, but it is the center of the solar system.


Location: 57,910,000 km from the sun Mercury is the fist planet on the solar system

Color: a Grey

Size: 1,516 miles (2,440 km)

Shape: a sp

Gas or Solid: This Planet is made of Solid Rock

Temperature: -184 degrees Celsius to 427 degrees Celsius


Moons and Rings: Mercury has no moons or Rings


Location from the sun: 67 million miles Venus is the second planet in the solar system.

Color: Bright white-yellowish ball

Size:  3,760 miles (6,052 km)

Shape: sphere

Gas or Solid: Venus is a solid planet, but has the green house effect on the surface below the thick atmosphere.

Density: 5,243 kg/m^3

Temperature: 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F)

Moons and Rings: Venus has no moons or rings and is the only planet without a moon besides Venus.


Location from the sun: 92,955,807 miles this is also the third planet in the solar system.

Color: The earths coloration is mostly Green, Blue, and White

Size: 3,959 miles (6,371 km)

Gas or Solid: Its halve water and solid land

Shape: a Sphere

Temperature: The temperature varies with the places on the planet and seasons.

Density: 5.515 g/cm3

Moons and Rings: Earth has one Moon and its name is the Moon and earth has no rings.

The Moon


Location from the sun: 142 million miles Mars is the forth planet in the solar system

Colors: a redish color

Size: 55,742,106 square miles

Gas or Solid: Mars is a solid

Shape: a sphere

Temperature: Average -81 degrees F

Density: 5.427 grams per cubic centimeter

Moons and Rings: Mar's  moons are Phobos and Diemos

Asteroid Belt

The astriod belt is made up of asteroid's and rocks that orbit the sun. The astrteroids divide  most of the smaller planets from the gas giants.


location from the sun: 483,766,802 miles (778,547,200 km)

Color: many shades of white, red, orange, brown, and yellow

Size: 139,822 km (86,881 miles).

Gas or Solid: Jupiter is a gas giant

Shape: a sphere

Temperature: -234 degrees Fahrenheit (- 145 degrees Celsius)

Density: 0.77 oz/in³ (1.33 g/cm³)

Moons or Rings: 67 confirmed moons of Jupiter no rings.

Galilen  moons  








Color: brownish-gray color

Size: 1,637 miles (2,634 km)

Shape: sphere

Temperature: -113C to -183C (-171F to -297F).

Density: 1.94 (gm/cm^3)



Size: 1,498 miles (2,410 km)

Shape: sphere

Temperature: -218.47 Fahrenheit.

Density: 1.326 g/cm3



Size: 1,132 miles (1,822 km)

Shape: sphere




location from the sun: 891 millon miles from the sun

Color: yellowish-brown color

Size: 36,184 miles (58,232 km)

Gas or Solid: is gas and has a solid inner core.

Shape: a sphere

Temperature: - 288 degrees Fahrenheit (- 178 degrees Celsius)

Density: 0.687 grams/cubic centimeter Saturn is less dense than water.

Moons or Rings: Saturn has rings that are made out of dust and rocks. Saturn has 62 moons.


Distance from the sun: 1,787,485,510 miles (2,876,679,082 km)

Color: a bueatiful Blue color

size: 15,759.2 miles

Gas or solid: its a gas and liquid planet with an icy atmoshphere

Shape: a sphere

temperature: -216 °C or -357 °F

density: 1.270 g/cm3

Moons and rings: Uranus has one ring  


Distance away from the sun: 2,798,310,156 miles (4,503,443,661 km)

Color: a beautiful blue color

Size: 15,299 miles (24,622 km)

gas or solid: Neptune surface is liquid with an atmosphere of gas and sometimes a solid core.

shape: sphere

Temperature: 55 Kelvin. That’s -218 degrees Celsius.

density: 1.639 g/cm

Moons and rings: Neptune has no rings.


distance away from the sun: 2.757 billion miles

color: dirty brown color

Size: 736 miles (1,184 km)

Gas or solid: solid

Shape: a sphere

temperature: -233° C (-390° F), just 40° C (72° F) above absolute zero

Density: 1830 kg/m3

Moons and rings: Pluto's moons are Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra