Rules for Posting at

Follow all these rules or risk being fired IMMEDIATLEY

1) All posts AT LEAST 100 words long. If you have trouble with this just try to talk more in detail about what you are posting about and use more words to say what you are trying to say.

2) ANY image used in a post must be uploaded to (for example if you post about a club penguin blog post, don't just copy and paste the image.. First upload the image to

3) ALL TEXT must be 100% Original, this means that you cannot copy and paste a post from your other sites and just change the words around a little bit. I will be checking for this often and I want to see text that is original. This is very important!

4) You must post at least once a week, but if you only post once a week you will be payed less. It is preferred you post more than once a week. Memberships are becoming more expensive and I won't be able to give them to authors that do not post often.

5) If you know you have bad grammar, please use the "spellcheck" feature when posting (this is the "abc" button at the posting dashboard.


7) If you are leaving for vacation and cannot post, you MUST let me know. Don't just leave and stop posting.

8) Do not advertise yourself in the posts. Do not link to your youtube, twitter, or website. The most you can do is put your name at the end of your posts.

Breaking any of these rules could have you fired!!

Thanks and good luck :)

~ S0pe Creek

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