Peasants and the bubonic plague

The bubonic plague strongly effected peasants in the middle ages.

       Eventually there was a peasant uprising. This was because peasants were tired of the bad situation that they were in. One of the big parts of this was the wars going on. another influence was that the king had to raise taxes to keep enough money to remain rich. One final reason for the up rising was the plague that no one could cure. peasant uprising swept through the country, and brought in more peasants who wished to release their anger at their lords.After the uprising, peasants were murdered to send a message to stop future uprisings. Another way that the peasants were effected by the plague was in money. The surviving peasants were much better off than they were before. After 70% of the population were killed off by the plague, peasants began to demand that their lords give them higher wages. The majority of the lords, due to the lack in labor were forced to give in to the peasants and give them not only higher wages but also better living conditions. The attention that the peasants ended up getting from the authorities and from their lords demonstrates that the bubonic plague severely effected peasants in feudalsim.

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