Ya know what I absolutely HATE?

Fakers. Phonies. People who give no credit, whatsoever.

So recently I made a tackk. I thought it was a great one. About 160 people viewed it. It was a big it. Then, one of my followers made one that has the exact same title. About 200 people viewed it. Now usually I wouldn't make a tackk about this because it isn't that important. Today, though it really got to me. So I'm asking you. If you want to make a tackk that someone made. The least you can do is give them credit. This is a really important topic. If we could get this to 300 viewers that would be great. Once you view this. Share this to someone you know, thank you.

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2 years ago

Aw, I know that can be frustrating - BUT think of it this way. You made an AWESOME Tackk! It was so awesome that another person thought daaaaang @ShortyRocks Tackk was so cool I wanna do one just like it. So really you're a pretty cool Tackk influencer! 😄

2 years ago

Thank you, @PlainJane