Galveston , TX

The best place you'll ever go.

Galveston is a beautiful place to visit,go on vacation,or just hang out with some friends.

Mosquito Cafe

Mosquito Cake

Mosquito Cafe is the most popular spot to hang out or grab a bite to eat.Mosquito Cafe has a rating of 4 stars.This well be the best food you will ever have.

Pleasure Pier

Pleasure pier is a fun place to go. There are so many rides to get on.It is right in the ocean.So when you get on those roller coaster,you're going to fell like your going to fall in the water.(48 and up $26.00) (under 48, $19.99).You are going to have the time of your life.

The San Luis Resort

The San Luis Restore.

It is a very beautiful hotel.This hotel rates in 5 stars.   The cost for this hotel is nothing but $139.00.(best place to stay).


Galveston is full with ferries

Ferries are boats that carry cars.



While you are on the ferries you might be able to see some animals in the ocean swimming.Like dolphins.

Fun Facts

Fun facts about Galveston=)

1.The winter highs are in the 60's and the low's are in the mid 40's.

2.The total distance by car is 186.9 miles.(3 hours 2 minutes)

3.Galveston is right next to the ocean.

4.Galveston has a huge FUN CENTER.

5.Rita's Italian ice is very popular in Galveston.Don't be the only one that hasn't been there.

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