The Best Way to Rent Apartments in Singapore

If you are planning to rent an apartment or house in Singapore, I do hope you would find this article helpful. In fact, through writing this article, I do want more people to share your experience of renting flat in Singapore, because mine is limited. And by doing this, expats who want to rent flats in Singapore will get to understand how the flat rental process works in Singapore.

In most of the cases that expat rent Singapore, it is better to find a good agent. My suggestion is to make sure that you do thorough research before being shown around.

It's better to have an idea of several areas you want to live in to match your preference. Talk to co-workers about their experience as they are likely to have the most accurate information for you since they work for the same company and are likely to have dealt with the same agencies you will have to. Actually, it’s better to look in Orchard, East Coast and Holland, all near a highway and MRT stop so that you could maximize transportation options and be near busy places where a lot was going on. If you do the research on the internet, you will find something helpful, such as a list of condos, year it was built, closest MRT stop, and estimated monthly cost.

There are a lot of relative companies in Singapore that will be willing to help expat rent Singapore and even more motivated to take your money. You should know that there is a huge money maker for expats services in Singapore. The services companies will make it difficult to know what the best deals are for you because the expats typically is not the one to pay but their company ends up paying. Unfortunately, this can make it tough for you, if you're up against a budget, because the locator service is trying to get as big a cut as they can. Typically their cut comes as a percentage of the signing fee which is higher or lower depending on the agreed upon monthly rent.