End of Year Justin Galvan

Why the World Needs Good People

The world needs good people to be a safe and and functional place. A world full of bad people is a dangerous place and the world never advances or gets better.

The world needs good people to not be so dangerous. The good people are the ones to help others and to go out of their way to help someone out. A while ago I heard about a accident where somebody had been trapped under a car and a group of people had all helped to lift the car off of the person. Lives are saved by good people like this or good people like firefighters and police officers.

Good people help the community and help make the world a better place. Without the good people the community would be a bad and dirty place. The random people that help you out when you need a hand wouldn't exist.

Others might disagree and say the world would be just fine without good people. People might say that everybody would mind their own business and not worry about anyone or anything. I disagree because if nobody cared about anything then everything would be dirty and everybody would be rude and the world would be completely different.

The world needs good people in order for the world to be a good place. The good people will make the world a safer place and help the world continue to advance. There is always room for more good people


To whom it may concern,

I have known Justin  for 2 years and I have learned how much of a hard working person he is. Justin and I  met through school and was my partner in multiple assignments. Justin has informed me that he  would like to pursue a career in engineering. I have hired him at the age of 24 to help him start building his profession as an engineer. He has escalated as a hard worker and a great person as well. Justin well deserves this job, for he will only bring excellent work and a hard working mind set. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be an excellent addition to your company.

Justin Galvan is only a hard worker and would bring nothing but the best work to you and your company. He has helped many friends and family members with anything they need and is a very heping person. Justin is a symbol of hard work and dedication. He has never produced any sloppy or bad work to me.

If you have any further requests please feel free to contact me at Dassad@ed.com

Cover Letter/Letter of Intent

Galvan,Justin Robert

Pebble Hills BLVD.

El Paso, Texas 79938


Robert Galvan, Head Engineer

Vehicle Design


Detroit, MI 89089

Dear, Robert Galvan

I feel like I am the perfect fit for your position because I have the passion for this position. I will bring nothing but hard work and dedication to your company and I will not settle for ordinary work. I am a very hard working person and I will never have a problem with putting in extra work or extra hours to finish any tasks. I have a passion for this work and I will enjoy every minute of work at this company. My work will be well above anyone elses and I will strive to be the most successful engineer to ever work for this company.

I plan to create the highest performing cars available and create great fuel economical engines as well. I plan to create a more environment friendly line of vehicles while not sacrificing the performance. I have been working on creating a air traveling car and I hope your company can give me the resources I need to create the first mass produced flying car.

I hope to hear from you soon and I hope to be the next engineer for your company.


Justin Galvan


Justin Galvan

(918)674-7398- 9878 Pebble Hills- Jgalvan@sisd.com


I plan to become the best engineer possible. I hope to one day become the head engineer of a major motor company and take that company to become the top at what we do. I plan on being a succcessful engineer and hopefully create my own company building high performance vehichles and being known as a legend in the car world.


(2004-2009) St. Pius Catholic School

(2010-2012) St. Raphael Catholic School

(2012-2013) William D. Slider Middle School

(2013-2014) Sun Ridge Middle School

(2014-present) Pebble Hills High School


(Jan 3, 2014 - Nov 28, 2014) (finance assistant)

Camino Real Hotel

Responible for completing purchasing documents and help controller

I have mechanical skills and a passion for cars and designing

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