Describe China's Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution

Brandon and Selase Topic 10

Mao Zedong, communist leader that was able to reunite all of China

Great Leap Forward

Mao's plan for China to become more industrialized then other countries

Mao wanted to control all agriculture and industry so he collectivized all land and abolished private ownership of businesses. The Great Leap Forward is also referred to as The Great Leap Backward because the plan was a failure, especially concerning the agricultural production of China. Farmers could not meet quotas and many bad harvests led to a deadly famine. Mao blamed and killed the sparrows leaving insects to eat what was left of the crops. Twenty million Chinese died as a result of the crisis.

Summary of the Great Leap Forward

Cultural Revolution

Mao's plan to cleanse Chinese culture of outside influences.

Elite intellectuals, teachers, professionals, managers, and anyone who was assosicated with foreign values was a target. Millions of people were humiliated, persecuted and killed. Victims were imprisoned, beaten, sent to labor camps, or put to death. This revolution cost China years of development because it cleansed it of its educational system.

Cultural Revolution Music

Deng's Revolution

After Mao's rule, Deng Xiaoping was left to clean up his mess. He sought to economically develop China by allowing foreign influence and sent thousands of students to foreign schools. However when these students came back and saw the difference in lifestyle they organized demonstrations against the government. In response Deng crushed the movement bringing disapproval from other countries.  

News coverage during Deng's Revolution

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