Sports & Entertainment Marketing Final Project

By: Amesa Ware

This movie poster draws a lot of attention to itself. It has a very complex background It makes you wonder what that red flashing light is and why there are tentacles in the background. Its very interesting to the eye. It doesn't do a very good job with the name because I have no clue what it is even called. It's missing the movie name which is the most important part. It is also hard to guess what this movie is about. Personally if I seen this on a billboard or something and they where advertising this movie I would not want to go watch it because I don't know the name or any idea what it might be about.

This is a very good movie trailer the plot line is about the government wanting the girls reputation to be destroyed because she gives they people hope. They want her dead because they fear that her and the rest of her type and going to start to rebel against the government and they don't like that. The climax of this trailer is when they begin to rebel. and they end the trailer with the government holding a gun to her head and they leave it at a very suspenseful moment which makes you ver curious as to what might happen. I really want to see this and can't wait to see it and this trailer makes me even more exited to see the movie.

Top 3 T.V strategies: I think the 3 most effective strategist to marketing is through commercials, social media, and word of the mouth. We watch a lot of tv and when you see preview for other tv shows it could spark your interest and you might go and check it out. I think the social media is the most effective because it keeps you informed, connected and engaged with the show. Word of mouth is very important. If you here your friends or classmate talking about a show you might want to watch the show to know what they are talking about. I think Ellen does a very well job with her show. She has a web page and and a Facebook page various social media sites and she does app promotions and contest.she keeps they audience engaged and informed. She also has a mailing address to send her letters and a webpage where you can send her picture, vines or funny viedeos and she will choose her favorites to put on the show.

I think 30 seconds to mars is a very good band and I would've never known the struggles these artist go threw just to make a living doing what they love. It's like they are signing their life away to the label company's and in the end they are getting ripped off for fame which is a main reason why it tears some bands apart. I also think it really sucks that the record company can just think they wont be big and stop promoting them as much and they are still bind by the contract so they can't leave or do anything about it. It makes me wander what my bands are going threw and if they are signed to any major record companies

Bless the fall is signed to fearless records which is a alternative rock oriented record company. The band was founded in 2003 And they have three albums. My favorite album is witness which this is a song from that album. They are doing relatively well with their career.

This is just another band that I like with a featuring of a lead singer (Kellin) From another band that I like this is the acustic versi9on of that song.


We have come a long way with the movies. I used to be where we had to got to movie theater to see the movie and that was the only option and that is how they marketed. Then they came with Dvd and blueRay. Which was big because you can bring the movie home. And now with the media and internet being as big as it is now we will start getting music offline like netflex. The media is evolving so much that the marketing is having a hard time keeping up. its hard for marketer to keep up because there are other distributing options that allows you to watch things for free with no commercials if you pay a monthly subscription to them. But then they are loosing money so I think that they are going to start forcing in the commercials if you are using the site for free you will be forced to watch a 30 second pop up commercial before you continue watching.

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