Hydrofracking refers to hydraulic fracturing, a technique in which large amounts of water, combined with smaller amounts of chemicals and sand, are pumped under high pressure into a drilled gas well. The purpose of hydraulic fracturing is to form tiny fractures in the rock by using water to force the rock to open along tiny existing fractures. When the pressure is released and the water removed, the sand remains behind, propping open the newly created fractures and allowing gas to flow more freely into the well. For that reason, sand is called a proppant.


Why Hydro-Fracking Is Good

Hydro-Fracking is usually talked about negatively. Hydro-Fracking helps build jobs in the U.S. The process is so advanced that it helps prevent carbon dioxide emissions based on the emissions from less advanced ways of retrieving. So that means less pollution and more energy to fuel the future.

Why Hydro-Fracking Is Bad

Hydro-Fracking can cause earthquakes, pollution, poisoning. Have you ever turned on your sink and put a lighter or match on the water and set the water on fire? That's what happens thanks to hydro-fracking. The waste is taken to a water treatment plant to be treated, but we never really know what they do with all of it. Our water is always being polluted.

Equal Thoughts...

Everyone has separate thoughts about hydro-fracking. There's good and bad things with hydro-fracking. Problems may be spills, explosions, environmental problems. Good things are like the energy it gives, jobs, safer ways of fracking. No one will equally agree with eachother.

Is It Safe?

The answer is yes, hydraulic fracturing is the safest way of fracking. Using the chart above you can see that there is the lowest percent of chemicals used. The majority is water and sand. Yes there can be spills and other problems along the way but its better than the old methods. Just because its the safest way for the environment doesn't mean its the safest way for the workers, but every job is different. Workers never know what's going to happen on he job but its all to put food on the table.


This could be possible but it quite unlikely . This was made for laughs but your fosset water could get polluted.

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