Indentifying Similarity

Chapter 3, Lesson 2

Definition: Two figures are similar if the second can be obtained from the first by a sequence of and dilations.

Example: You have two triangles ABC and DEF you are trying to find if the triangles are similar what do you do.? Well first you can pick a side of one of the triangles. I would pick AB equals to DE then you write a ratio for the numbers. Then you move on to the next one. You could say BC is equal to EF if these aren't equal you can stop and your answer would be no the figures arent congruent, but if they are you have to keep going. After that you would say  CA would be equal to FD then you figure out if all  the ratios are similar to each other. If they are you have to then figure out what did they do to the figure to make it be in a different position then the other. That mean that they either did dilation, translation, reflection, and rotation. You pick which of the four you think they did and finally you have your answer.

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