Love and Regret

by: Dawn Mills

Who picked you up when you were down,

Opened your eyes and made you see

What a wonderful place this world could be,

And just how much you mean to me.

Who, in a minute, loved you more

Than most men love forever.

It was our dream, that we had then,

To spend our lives together.

I close my eyes and turn my head,

So he can't see my face.

He's part of the life that I left behind,

The part I tried to erase.

I start to leave, and then I stop,

To see him just once again.

He was my life, my love, my all,

And oh, how it could have been.

Had I not left him stranded there,

Had I seen the love in his eyes.

That wonderful love, so strong and so sure,

To love someone like I.

I lock the door, and then I stall,

To check again, make sure.

The lights turned out, the shades are drawn,

But still there's something more.

Some presence in the gloomy dark,

Of which I cannot see,

Is stalking, lurking, hiding there,

And somehow watching me.

He sees me now, and then he falls,

Upon his knees to plead.

He asks me once, oh why have I

So caused his heart to bleed?

I turn and face him, answering,

"I know you not, be gone."

But in my heart I check myself.

I know when I am wrong.

One little tear falls to the ground,

In the dark it's hard to see

That ring in the dust where fell his crown,

And he queries, "Remember me?"

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