5 Super Safe Cyber Tips!!! By: Natalia O.

#1 Safe Tip: Stop Speaking With
Cyber Strangers!!!!

When your talking through a screen you don't always know who the person on the other side could be. It could be a dangerous person who wants to hurt you.

#2 Top Tip: Don't Post
Personal Information:

You should never post where you are, or too much about yourself because you never know who is able to see it.

#3 Top Tip: Think About The
Future Consequences Of Your Post

If you ever apply for a job they might take one look at your posts and choose that they don't want that kind of person working at their place. No matter how long ago you might have posted it.

#4 Top Tip: Respect Others Online

Don't take the fun away from others, everyone has the right to be online. It has consequences and you could be kicked off.

#5 Top Tip: Don't Give Out Passwords.

Even if you trust a friend never give out your password, it can be used against you. Your profile should only be accessed by you or your parents.

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