Babe Ruth

By: Henry Renie

That is a picture of Babe Ruth above.

Explanation of why he's famous

Babe Ruth is famous for lots of reasons. First off, he is in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth also had a home run record of sixty home runs in one season. That record lasted for thirty four years, until it was broken. By his tenth season he had set the record for most home runs ever in a career. In ten seasons that is outstanding. Barry Bonds, who has the home run record now (not really because he took steroids) played twenty two seasons and Babe set it in ten seasons. Babe Ruth also had a pitching career. Along with all his hitting records he had some pitching records too. Babe Ruth at one time led the whole MLB in earned run average. Which is how many earned runs, on average, you give up a game. He also has the all time record that has not been broken yet, of total bases in a season. Total bases is how many bases you get to safely without getting out in a single season, he had 457. You also only play 162 games a year so that's about three bases a game. Babe could also be famous because he was in the MLB as a starting pitcher at age nineteen. Babe Ruth had an amazing career and there is so many reasons why he is famous.

Becoming babe ruth


George Herman(Babe)Ruth Jr. was born on February 6th, 1895 in Baltimore Maryland. He lived with his mom Katherine Schamberger, his dad George Ruth Sr., and his sister Mamie Ruth. When he was only seven years old Babe was sent to an Industrial School for Boys called Saint Mary's. Babe did not like following rules, he didn’t like going to class either. He does like one thing at Saint Mary though, almost every day after everything he had to do is done, he gets to play baseball. Brother Matthias at St. Mary’s taught Babe how to play baseball. He played in two hundred baseball games a year at Saint Mary's. Babe Ruth's talent spread all the way to the owner of the minor league Baltimore Orioles. Jack Dunn offered him a contract right then and there. One of Babes teamsters asked,"Where'd they get this kid?" They said,” He's one of Jack Dunn'S new Babes!” and that's how the name stuck. Halfway into his first season with the minor league Orioles they sell his contract to the Major League Red Sox. Babe Ruth became the best pitcher in baseball. In 1916 Babe led the league in earned run average with a 1.75 earned run average. In 1917 he won twenty four games in the season. He also won three World Series with the Red Sox. In 1915,1916, and 1918. In 1919 the Red Sox switch Babe to the outfield because of his powerful bat. Babe Ruth has been sold to the New York Yankees for one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. That's the most money any team has ever paid for a player. Babe arrives in New York City in 1920 and quickly became the biggest celebrity in America.Halfway into his first season with the Yankees he xhas broken the single season home run record. The made a nickname for him: The Sultan of Swat. He still goes by Babe. Babe Ruth died from Esophageal Cancer on August 16, 1948 it was very sad for the baseball society. Overall in Babe's career he won seven World Series title and accomplish many other things in his amazing career.

That is one of Babe Ruth's primary sources, his Hall of Fame plaque above.

Early Life

Babe Ruth had a very interesting and surprising childhood. Babe lived with his mom Katherine Schamberger, dad George Herman Ruth Sr., and baby sister Mamie in an apartment above a saloon. The apartment was very small. He would skip school most of the days and roam the streets in which he lived near. Babe would get caught drinking down by the docks, he would chew tobacco, and taunt police officers. He would also sneak into the saloon he lived above and steal money from the register. Babe was a huge trouble maker. A historic day in Babe's life was June 13, 1902. The day his father said goodbye and sent him to Saint Mary's Industrial School for Boys. He begs his dad for one more chance. It was too late. Every single morning they have the same routine. Wake up at 6:00 AM, get washed, get dressed. Babe does not like Saint Mary's. He also misses his family. He does like one thing about Saint Mary though. At the end of everyday after everything is done he gets to play baseball. He starts to think of Saint Mary's at a home he works at the tailor shop. He became a great shirtmaker. There is a man named Brother Matthias that taught Babe how to play every position on a baseball field. At age 19 he left Saint Mary's and signed with a minor league baseball team.

Where he was born

That is where Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Primary source with explanation

The primary source that I chose was Babe Ruth's gravestone or gravesite because he shares a grave with his second wife Claire Ruth. That Gravestone is a historical remembrance of Babe Ruth's amazing life. He is buried with his wife Claire because he was arrived to her when he died. I chose a gravestone because I thought it was interesting that he was buried with somebody else. The gravesite is located in Hawthorne, New York, at the Gateway of Heaven cemetery. It is located in section 25, plot 1115, and is in the center of graves 3 and 4. The gravestone is an original item that represents Babe Ruth and that's why it is considered a primary source.

secondary source

That is a video of Babe Ruth hitting his 60th home run.

Successes, accomplishment, challenges, and obstacles.

Ruth had lots of successes and accomplishments including all star appearances, World Series titles, and many more things. Babe Ruth has many amazing accomplishments in his career. In my opinion Babe Ruth's best accomplishment was being inducted to the National baseball Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth also won seven World Series titles, which is amazing. He pitched and was a great hitter in his career. Babe Ruth has has 12 American League home run championships. He also lead the American League in earned run average for a year. He has pitching and hitting accomplishments. He was also ranked number 1 all time in baseball's 100 greatest players. He was ranked second on America's 20th century athletes. As every person has, he had some obstacles. Of course death was one of them. Another obstacle would be that he was sent to an Industrial school for almost his whole childhood. He couldn't see his parents. Also Babe during Babe's career he had injuries, which prevented him from playing. Another obstacle is that when Babe was young he got in a lot of trouble. Babe also got divorced one which would be considered an obstacle. Overall in Babe's life he had many accomplishments, but as everyone does, he had some obstacles.

3 Interesting facts

1. Babe Ruth did not retire as a New York Yankee.

2. Babe Ruth served jail time for being a reckless driver.

3. Babe Ruth made his last official major-league appearance in a Dodgers uniform, as a first base coach.


"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.”-Babe Ruth

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