Thing to Know about the Odds in a Football Game

Knowing about college football odds can give you an edge over others when it comes to predicting results and winning money on betting. However, those who are starting out may find it difficult to read these successfully, so here's a guide to help you better understand the related lingo.

What are point spreads?

These are the easiest things to understand related to the odds. Bets made by you and by others together form the spreads. This in turn allows sports books to even out the teams, as equal matching of both sides is an extremely rare feature. Point spread in a way marks the handicap, which favorites need to overcome and win. The more favored the team, the more will be the points laid. Number of more favorite points compared to another is listed by (-) sign in the beginning such as -7, -5, and more. With this sign, you will be able to identify the favorites easily as well as the number of points that they require in order to win the game.

In case the team is able to win by these exact points the game turns into a push and if the number is more it means backers will get payments. Naturally, in case of fewer points than the winning number, those opposing the team will profit. People who were with sports books for football odds are the ones to set these point spreads. One can change lines through the week as it is better that you remain locked in with odds at the time of the placement. Even if the line moves later on, it doesn't matter as the number remains the same.

What are money lines?

Bet upon the money lines are not that common in football as compared to other sports like hockey or baseball. Still this is one of the options before you. Here again a negative sign will point out the favorites for you however here the numbers will be quite high like -225 for example. This will mean that you will need a $225 bet for winning $100 along with the $225 that you placed on line initially. Those who are the underdogs will have the + before them for representation.

What are totals?

Other popular wagers in the game of football include under/over and totals. This number signifies the overall points, which both the teams will be scoring by the end of the game. Over bet would come out the winner when the combined scores associated with both the teams are more than the total. Similarly, under bet cashes the ticket for anything less than the total.

What are teasers and parlays?

Combining wagers into parlay is a popular option. It signifies that all games need to win with the incentive being a high payout in case this happens. For teasers you need to move point spreads in favor but the associated payouts in this case are quite low.

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