Come to Cameroon

My Country, Mrs.Duff and 10/15/13

1.Women wear clothes with lace, embroidery, appliqué, or designer branding or a colorful pagne which is a wraparound dress.

2.We eat a lot of stuff like Palm Nut Soup but women eat by the cooking fire with the young kids ,elders eat first, and we don’t like to waste food.

3.Family members exchange gifts of new clothes and shoes for Christmas.

4.Our name comes from the cameros (prawns) that explorers found in the Wouri River. We got our independence in 1961.

5.We speak mainly both English and French, nepotism is common here with most jobs going to family members, we are a group oriented society.

6.Primary schools start at age 6 and lasts 6 years. Secondary school starts at age 12 and is completed around the age 17 or 18.

Tourist would like it there because we have a lot of great food.

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