Adaline in the Depression
(Historical Fiction Story)

Adaline Bower is a 17 year old girl that was born on August 1, 1913. She was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and still lives there. She is a normal, wealthy girl that has a friend named Farah. She was also raised with 3 sisters and a brother. Right at the end of 1929, the Great Depression hit. The Depression is when the stock market prices went up a whole lot and crashed. When it crashed, many things happened. Businesses closed, people lost their jobs, people lost their money, then homes, then money for food. Adaline's dad was worried they would loose their summer home, food, possibly their normal home. Adaline's father, Mr. Bower, had already saved backup food. But, it seemed like they didn't even need it! During the depression, Adaline's best friend, Farah and her family lost their home. Farah's family wasn't as wealthy as Adalines. Adaline then found Farah walking towards her house.

"Are you okay?" Adaline said anxiously.

"I came to ask you if our family could stay with yours. My dad is trying to find a job. Would that be okay?" Farah responded.

¨I'm sure that would be fine. Do not worry, nothing will happen here.¨

Farah and her mom, dad, and her brother brought their bags and themselves to Adaline's home. Many people would come buy their house and ask for money. Mr. Bower didn't have any extra change. After a month of the Depression, Mr. Bower was struggling with his business. He was afraid he would loose his business. One day, a man knocked on their door. He looked very strange. He looked around the age of 50. Mrs. Bower then answered the door.

"Oh hello. Are you okay?"

"I need money." The strange man said.

Mrs. Bower looked at the man for a second. she had a strange feeling about the man. But, she was going to be honest and tell the man she had no spare change.

¨I'm sorry. I have no extra change right now. I would help you but-"

The man interrupted, "Alright" He said rudely. "I will be back again. Just remember that."

Mrs. Bower was kinda worry about that man and hope he wouldn't be insight again. So she remembered she had other things to worry about like the Depression. So she forgot about the man and moved on to the next day. The next day, she thought about the man for a second. And right then, He knock on their home door. But this time, Farah's mother, Mrs. Florindo was with her. They opened the door and the man said,

"I will ask you one more time, Give me money or food. Me and my brother have no food, home, or change. I don't appreciate you rejecting my question. Now I don't want to come look for myself."

Mrs. Bower slammed her door and the man started knocking again. She ignored it. Adaline and Farah heard the knocking very loudly from her room. They came and peeked through the door and they saw that strange man. Adaline asked her mother about it and she said ignore it.

"Mother! He's about to bang the door down!" Adaline said loudly.

Mr. Bower had just gotten home. The man didn't even noticed him. Mr. Bower saw the strange man kicking the door very hard. Adaline noticed her Father had gotten home. She raced upstairs, opened a window and didn't make a word, but tried to signal her father without the strange man noticing. The dad caught her eye. The man saw Mr. Bower communicating with Adaline. The strange man marched over to him and they started to fight. Farah and Adaline ran outside and threw the man off of him. Farah had a loaf of bread in her hand and handed it to the man and said,

"Leave and don't come back."

The man ran off. Mr. Bower didn't loose his business. Mrs. Bower and Mrs. Florindo looked for many homeless people and gave them any extra food they had.  The man wasn't insight again.

The Bower's home
Adaline and Farah
strange man
Bread for the Man

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