a good friend

Ken as tall and skinny as a pine tree.
ken who made everyone laugh.
Ken was good at sports and everyone's friend
Is the numer one football player I've ever seen.
Has bid gorilla hands.
Was the fastest track star out there.
Who stands for peace.
Protected any one who was getting bullied.
A great father brother, and son.

Ken has a big curly air fro.
Eats everyday as if food was going to disappear.
Loves to be loved and hates to be hated.
Ken was so kind because he witness some horrible things an a child

Ken grew up in a broken home.
Mother wasn't really there.
Father hated him and wanted nothing to do with him .
Ken is the tallest man with feeling i know.
Ken's face turns red when he gets mad.
Tall black man with curly hair are the only words to describe ken.
A generous guy.
A man with green eyes.


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