Thomas Edison

Jacob .B.

The life of Thomas Edison Conclusion

    Born February 16, 1847 , Thomas Edison was the youngest out of his seven siblings. He was raised by Samuel and Nancy Edison, Samuel was a plitical activitist  and Nancy was an accoplished teacher. As a kid Thomas was one of the victims of scarlet fever, so as a result he usually was deaf.

      As a kid he was curious, so he asked many people including Thomas's schoolteacher questions; unfortunately his teacher didn't like Tom asking so many question, called him stupid, and said he'd be better off working in a field where he'd be successful. After Nancy heard this news she took Tom out of school,  and taught him herself.

    As a teenager he got a job on the "Grand Central train" to Detroit as a newspaper making and by selling candy , by doing so he earned the money to stay on the train. He stayed on the train because he had a lab he set up in the baggage cart of the train where he conducted experiments and made his newspapers. During one of his experiments it burst into flames, and once the conductor put it out he threw Tom off the train and boxed Tom's ears; this was good because it helped Tom focus on his experiments.

    At age 20 Tom rescued a 3 year old kid from being run by a train car. When the father of the child arrived he was grateful so he taught Tom how to  use the telegraph. At that moment Thomas traveled around the U.S. looking for a telegraph job when he settled in Boston.

    It was quiet some time before Thomas's work payed off. He locked himself in his lab, worked day and night, and sometimes not eating a full three meals a day. Until he invented the light bulb, phonograph, and telegraph.


Thomas Edison is my hero or role model because no matter how deaf he was he pushed through it, no matter how many telegraph jobs he searched for in the country he kept search in, and no how many attempts it took for the light bulb to work he never gave up. 

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