Belshaw Countertop Open Kettle Donut Fryer

Belshaw 616 Countertop Electric Donut Fryer
Belshaw's 616 Countertop fryer is a 16” x 16” fryer with cover/drain tray and 2 frying screens. It occupies under 3 square feet (1 sq. m) of counter space and weighs only 44lbs. (20kg). At a maximum capacity of 16 average size donuts and 35 dozen/hour, it offers the best possible use of space for its output.

The 616 on its own can be used with Belshaw’s handheld Type K cake donut depositor. The Cut-N-Fry, Hushpuppy and Loukoumathes versions include the mounted Type N donut depositor.

Available Belshaw options:

  • No cake donut depositor is supplied
  • Deposit donuts with Type K Donut Depositor
  • 2 nickel-plated steel screens with handles are standard
  • You can filter the 616 Fryer with Belshaw's Filter-Flo Siphon
  • Drain tray doubles as a cover