Post Classical Asia

By: Brienne Grahlfs & Kathryn Rohe

EQ: What impact did trade have on Asia?

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Tang Dynasty

The Tang and the Han empire have many similarities. Their rise and falls, geography, and population are all examples of this. The Tang's capital was called Chang'an. The capitals size was one of the biggest in the world. When the empire was at its best, the population ranged from 50 million to 60 million people. The Tang empire was dramatically affected by the west due to the Silk Road. The Silk Roads opened up new ideas from the west such as religion and life style customs. Due to this specific dynasty China reached its highest potential in development for their time. The influence of medicinal study in the Tang empire still affects us today.

Song Dynasty

The achievements in the Song dynasty that has prospered the most in is Science developments.  China's best and most versatile creations, gunpowder, compass, and the printer, all arose out of the Song dynasty. A lot of contributions towards economy were also made in this time period. History's first paper money was created, and the silk, textile, and porcelain industry boomed drastically. As well as inventions they also made advancements in astronomy. They were the first to figure out that there are 365 days in a year.

Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan dynasty was very successesful and skilled when it came to their army. Under their leader, Ghangis Khan, they conquered North China, Central Asia and Russia and the Indian River Valley to the south. They also overthrew Jin Kingdom and that started the unification of China's mainland. The mongols conquered the Southern Song Dynasty and created a non-Han regime over China. The Yuan dynasty possessed expansive territory, which created more power for the dynasty. There were many great achievements that were created from this dynasty. The Silk Road was starting to flourish which spread the Yuan Dynasties culture, beliefs and ideas to all other dynasties and civilizations. This was also a contributing factor to the growth and expansion of the yuan Dynasty. There were also many people that contributed to the development of foreign trade. There were also beneficial ideas created and spread throughout this time period as well. Cotton textile techniques were shared throughout the dynasty and became the center of the cotton textile business, which caused the textile industry to expand and thrive. Confucianism also flourished during the Yuan Dynasty. The religion helped alleviate the national conflicts that were created from the Han dynasty.

Ming Dynasty

The success and victories of important battles during rebellions was due to the leadership of Zhu Yuanzhang, who was crowned emperor and established the mung dynasty. The economic development opportunities were quickly taken by entrepreneurs in the Ming Dynasty. Agriculture and certain crops were newly introduced to China which lead to increased crop fields. The textile and mining industries flourished as well. Another impressive accomplishment that was brought with the Ming Dynasty was the completion of the Great Wall. Even though the wall was built to protect the dynasties from nomads, the Manchus invaded the wall and conquered China in 1644. A major achievement of the Ming dynasty was medicine research. A collection of 1,800 categories of material medica and over 10,000 prescriptions were used in China throughout the 16th century. Another. Achievement from this dynasty was seafaring.  Due to the size of the country, delegations and parties were attracted to it. The government assigned Zheng He to make voyages to other countries in Souteast Asia, Indian Ocean, and parts of Africa. These voyages enhanced the dynasty's abroad.

China Influence on Japan

Chinese culture has had many affects on Japan. Before China, Japan had no way of written communication. So when the two civilizations collided, Japan took the written language so they could communicate with one another. Japan also hadn't had any organized religion before they encountered China either. Japan's leader also took on many of the aspects that China had under their government.

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Critical Thinking Question

How did the Silk Road help Asia's society flourish?

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