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November 18, 2014

Hello Jets,

My apologies for being MIA in the Instructional News department the last few weeks. Newsletters are a Sunday afternoon thing for me... and the last three have seen me sick, my hubby sick, and my heating unit sick (fortunately two of us are better now, but one is a lost cause... BRRR!). I am hopeful to have heat again some day. :)


:) Alyson

Coming Up This Week...

Tuesday, Nov. 18th- Pilot's Lounge: Grant Writing Tips w/ Shamwell

Wednesday, Nov. 19th-Homeroom Schedule

Thursday, Nov. 20th Flight School

Friday, Nov. 21st- Madison City Writing Team Meeting at Central Office (Miller, Carpenter, Cain, Harvard, Steele)

Connecting The Dots...

Interview Design Synthesis of Our Learning

During our last Collaborative Day, we had conversations with other Jets to discuss the concepts we are exploring in Flight School this year. Below are the work products from the synthesis of the groups.

Congrats to Mrs. McRae!
OBTA Recipient

Mrs. Malone's Students ROCKED Heritage Elementary School's "Breakfast w/ The Counselor" this week by sharing tips for Social Media.

Grant Writing Tips from Ms. Shamwell-- Can't wait to see what Jets do with these!

Let's Connect!!

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