Cell Analogy Poster.
Disney  is like a Plant cell.

By Elizabeth Potterf

The Cell Membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell, which makes it like the Security, and Ticket Counters. Both of them controls what goes in and out.

Cytoplasm fills space between organelles, which makes it like Gift Shops, that fill in space between rides.

Mitochondria processes energy in a cell. This is like the

main power box in a theme park, it gives everything energy.

Endoplasmic Reticulum is a system of membranes and molds proteins. This is like rides in a theme park. It takes up a large part of the theme park, like the ER takes up the Cytoplasm, and the rides are a system of mechanics like the ER is a system of membranes. Instead of containing protein rides contain people.

The Golgi Apparatus sends proteins to the right place in the cell, just like the train, transports people places in the park.

Ribosomes builds proteins in a cell.

Just like construction, builds rides.

Lysosomes dispose of “trash” in the cell.

Trash Cans, disposes of trash in the theme park.

Peroxisomes break down poisonous peroxide and helps protect the cell.

Just like First Aid, helps protect the people of the theme park.

Chloroplast completes photosynthesis in a cell which is like

Food Stands in a theme park, it makes food in the theme park.

Cell Wall: Protects the cell.

Just like the fence, protects the theme park.

Central Vacuoles (Plant):

Helps maintain shape and pressure in plant cell.

Screws, and essential things to keep rides together. Construction tools.

The nucleus manages cell functions, and contains genetic material.

Just like the front office, people go to it for help, it helps control the whole theme park.

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