Terms You Should Know Before We Begin Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Mouse: a device that allows you to select items onscreen by pointing at them with the mouse pointer.

Ribbon: A screen element that displays buttons for accessing Office features and commands

Mini-toolbar: A row of buttons used to select features and commands when you rest the mouse pointer on selected text or data that can be formatted.

Access keys: Keystrokes that can be used in place of mouse clicks to select any commands.

Dialog box: A window in which you select options that affect the way the program executes a command.

Shortcut Menu: A menu of relevant commands that displays when you right-click an item. Also called a context menu.

Task pane: A small window that displays additional options and commands for certain features in a Microsoft Office 2007 program using on the right side.

Scroll: Shift the displayed area of the document up, down, left, or right.

Office Button: Click on this to display a menu of common file management commands.

Quick Access Toolbar: Offers buttons for common operations, always available in the upper-left corner of the program